Sliced brick tiles for interior floors and exterior surfaces, the ideal alternative to full size brick.

Give your space the unsurpassed character and durability of real brick, plus the affordability and easy installation of tile. Choose from new manufacture, tumbled vintage look, or genuine reclaimed brick, shipped nationwide.

Benefits of Thin Brick Floor Tiles:

  • The same warm, natural look as real brick because they are real bricks, only thinner and lighter weight.
  • A wide range of color choices, including traditional shades and architectural clear tones.
  • Colors go all the way through, so wear doesn’t show.
  • More durable than imitation brick.
  • Slip-resistant even when wet. Textured surface provides traction yet is easy to clean.
  • Easy to install. The process is the same as for ceramic tile.
  • Manufacturing has less environmental impact than full size brick, by reducing resource consumption and waste production.