When you want the look of brand new bricks for your indoor or outdoor floor project, consider our new manufacture line. Offering easy installation and fade- and wear-proof color, they are a fantastic alternative to ceramic, quarry or concrete tiles. We make them from the finest clays, shale and other raw materials, which are finely ground, high vacuum extruded, and hard fired for superb density and strength to last a lifetime.

Color Options


These thin brick tiles can be used anywhere that ceramic tile can be installed. They are made in a modular brick shape of 3-5/8″ x 7-5/8″, in your choice of two thicknesses:

  • 9/16″ thickness
  • 15/16″ thickness*

*For some applications such as driveways, you will need the 15/16″ thickness.


Check out our new brick floor tiles installed in real projects around the country.


Choose from 14 beautiful colors plus custom options:

  • Classics: 8 clear tones and 1 ironspot
  • Rustics: 5 tones which have been naturally flashed by reduction firing
  • Custom: We can create a color exclusively for your project. Call us at 319-351-9733 or email us to learn more.