When you’d prefer to use authentic antique bricks but can’t because of budget or installation restrictions, consider our reclaimed brick tiles. They started life a century ago as building bricks in Chicago. When the buildings are torn down, we salvage the bricks and slice them into 3/8″ thick tiles that have the affordability, lighter weight and easy installation you’re looking for. Plus, you’ve saved them from the landfill and given them another lifetime of beauty and service.

Brick Cuts

Choose from two types of tile cuts depending on how weathered you want your floor project to look. All of them are the traditional 4″ x 8″ brick shape and are 3/8″ thick.

  • Inside cuts: the interior facing side of the brick; will be more consistent in texture, color and shape
  • Outside cuts: the exterior side of the brick that has been exposed to the elements; will show more irregularities of texture, color and shape

Inside Cuts

Outside Cuts


  • Modular brick shapes (4″ x 8″) are available in 3/8″ thickness.
  • These thin brick floor tiles can be used anywhere ceramic tile is considered.


Check out our reclaimed brick floor tiles installed in real projects around the country.


Because these tiles come from salvaged bricks which vary greatly from one building to another as well as in aging effects caused by the weather, we can’t offer a standardized color selection. However, you will find a wide range of buffs, browns and reds as well as shades of black to choose from, and you can be confident that your brick tile floor will look like no other!

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