When you love the warm, charming look of vintage bricks but want a wider choice of designer colors to match your project, consider our tumbled brick tile line. We make them in the same way as our new manufacture line, then put them through a stone tumbler to create the rounded edges and slightly smoother surface that duplicate years of wear. Best of all, they’re much easier to install than full size brick: use them as you would ceramic tiles as well as on driveways and other imperfect flexible base surfaces.

Color Images


The traditional modular shape of these floor tiles lends itself to any of the creative configurations that you would use with full size bricks. They are manufactured at 3-5/8″ W x 7-5/8″ L x 15/16″ thick; however, please note that after tumbling all dimensions are slightly scant.


Check out our tumbled brick floor tiles installed in real projects around the country.


Choose from 10 beautiful colors plus custom options:

  • 5 body colors: Consistent color throughout the tile
  • 5 flashed colors: Body colors are reduction fired for natural flashing
  • Custom: White or black coatings can be added to any of the body colors for a unique look.* Call us at 319-351-9733 or email us to learn more.

*We recommend that blends with a high percentage of white or black tiles be limited to low abrasion applications.