For true antique lovers, this collection combines the authenticity of vintage bricks with the practicality of tile. We reclaim 100 year old building bricks from demolition sites around Chicago, then slice them into 3/8″ thick tiles that fit easily into nearly any project design, budget and structural conditions. We are also proud to have saved these historic bricks from being dumped, thus helping to protect the environment.

Brick Cuts

After the bricks are sliced, you have a choice of which side you’d prefer. All of these tiles are the traditional 4″ x 8″ brick shape and 3/8″ thick.

  • Inside cuts: the side facing the interior of the building; will be more uniform in texture, color and shape
  • Outside cuts: the side facing the exterior of the brick; will show more irregularities of texture, color and shape due to weather exposure


  • Modular brick shapes (2″ x 8″) are available in 5/8″ thickness.
  • This reclaimed brick wall can be used anywhere ceramic tile is considered.


Check out our reclaimed brick wall tiles installed in real projects around the country.


Due to the serendipitous nature of these salvaged tiles, we can’t offer a standardized color palette. However, we always have in stock a wide selection of buffs, browns and reds as well as shades of black. One of the beauties of reclaimed brick tile is that your wall project will be one of a kind!

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